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Armchair Books

72-74 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE


Local no-contact delivery by bicycle, worldwide shipping, and digital gift vouchers

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1 mile radius

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Armchair Books is your local, independent secondhand bookshop. Whilst social distancing measures are still in place, there are still THREE ways to get our secondhand books back into your life:

(1) Buy a digital gift voucher for future use (in store or telephone/email order):

(2) Place a Books By Bicycle order for no-contact delivery in central Edinburgh:

(3) Buy a book (rare/antiquarian/collectable stock) from our AbeBooks shopfront to be shipped anywhere in the world:

Collection / delivery info

Local delivery by bicycle is no-contact; we'll come to your door, put the books on your mat, then stand 2 metres away for you to pick them up. (The books have been quarantined in the shop untouched for over a month, so they are dusty but should be virus-free! They are packed with washed hands.)