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Edinburgh Beer Box



Buy craft beer from local breweries. £1 from every order to Covid Appeal

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Edinburgh Beer Box is a one-stop-shop for mixed cases from: Barney's, Pilot, Bellfield, Stewart Brewing, Edinburgh Beer Factory and Campervan, as well as a fundraiser for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Covid appeal. DEC brings together 14 UK charities to coordinate their COVID response in the poorest places in the world.

When you order an Edinburgh Beer Box we pay a fair price to the breweries IMMEDIATELY (unlike supermarkets, large online retailers and wholesalers who demand lower prices and can take up to 10 weeks to pay).

You pay £2.49 per can of great craft beer and also donate £1 to DEC for every 12 cans you buy.

If you’ve already been supporting your local Edinburgh brewery directly online or via a local retailer purchase that’s brilliant - exactly what’s needed, please continue to do so. This project is designed to compliment that.

We offer mixed cases of 12 or 24 Edinburgh craft beers.

Let's get through this drinking great beer, helping Edinburgh's Craft  breweries and raising much needed funds for DEC's Covid19 Response.

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FREE UK Delivery for all boxes of 24 cans, or £4 for all other shipping