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Gellybean Scents



Home fragrances UK wide. £6 delivery

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I'm an Independent Scentsy Consultant based in Edinburgh offering amazing home fragrances.  

You can order directly from me to add to my bulk orders for free local delivery or order directly through my website for direct delivery via UPS for £6. Contact me via my email address or through my Facebook Group Gellybean Scents VIP Group.

Our wax warmers, warm wax melts using low watt bulbs or elements, heating only to around body temp so there is no risk of burns.   Our wax is made from food grade paraffin wax using natural oils to fragrance.  No soot or toxins are released when warming our wax - just luscious fragrance.

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Deliveries will be safely dropped to your door, requiring no contact and following strict government guidance. I would advise that you remove your items from outer packaging, dispose of box/bag and wash hands - just to be extra safe.