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16 Haymarket Terrace eh12 5jz


Offering vouchers and meal donations via FairShare/food banks

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Health food cafe and meal prep service, locally scourced coffee and raw, dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, clean cakes.

Cafe/meal-delivery currently closed, meanwhile vouchers (£10/£20/£30) available online to redeem in future.

Offering a 'Pay it Forward/ One Meal Donation' option for £2.95.
For each purchase of this item, they will donate a cost price Grams ready meal to someone who needs it.

Whether via FareShare, who redistribute food to organisations working with vulnerable people; or directly distributing to food banks or those in need, they will make sure that your meal donation goes to someone who needs a helping hand.

Collection / delivery info

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0131 337 3599