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Founded in 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, by social enterprise and public safety specialist, Chris Thewlis.

Initially offering physical security and training services, and now Cybersecuity, IoT, access control, CCTV, AS (Analytics Security) SaaS, GTS is the only social enterprise operating in the UK private security and cyber security industry and has grown to service over 20 customers annually, reinvesting 65% of profits back into its social aims and objective of public safety. We operate UK-wide and have contracts with 11 UK local authority areas. The demand for our services has seen us expand quickly in to other specialist divisions which collectively help achieve a holistic solution which in turn enables the reinvestment into our social aims and objectives of public safety, creating the more than profit virtuous circle.

We are still offering CCTV equipment and online design solutions, advisory sessions, cyber solutions, training and physical security services including lockdown premises checks, keyholding and guarding services.

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We are contactable through our enquiries page on our website and by telephone.