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Le Roi Fou

1 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3JX


Home delivery service of favourite dishes prepared personally by Jérôme Henry

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Home delivery service of favourite dishes from the menu at Le Roi Fou, all prepared personally by Edinburgh top chef Jérôme Henry. Making the most of the unsurpassed quality of ingredients we're so lucky to have here in Scotland, offering mouthwatering dishes at affordable prices, and most importantly supporting the local economy of our suppliers and farmers through these coming months. Hopefully we can also provide a little cheer and bonhomie along the way.

Jérôme will be changing the menu every week and cooking 7 days a week.  We’re also offering a small selection of wines. Jérôme can help to select the best wine to go with your meal. Look out too for his Negronis and Bloody Marys.

You’ll need to order via https://www.exploretock.com/leroifoutogo
– pre-book a slot by 5pm the day before
– order what you’d like
& we’ll deliver to your doorstep

Please don't order by phone, email, or facebook message as Jérôme is working single-handed in the kitchen and our front of house team is in furlough. Please DO use Tock!

However if you do have a specific query not covered by FAQs, please do email news@leroifou.com

– Hot items will need reheating with instructions provided.
– All meals prepped & packed by Jérôme himself.
– Vegan options available from the end of next week.
– It’s a 4 mile delivery radius for now, we hope to expand.
– You can also arrange to pick up, to bear in mind if living beyond 4 mile radius
– For numbers larger than 6, please email news@leroifou.com
– Menus available on the website www.leroifou.com
– The website gives the dates the menu is available.
– Wine prices are by the bottle.
– Once you order, you can't change the order so order carefully!
– We apologies but can't do ingredient substitutions.
– Ingredients are written on the packaging.
– All packaging is either compostable (Vegware) or recyclable if foil.

Great food, great delivery AND compostable packaging?! Definitely the best food order experience I’ve ever had. – Annagarthe

Delivery arrived spot on time with everything safely packaged. The salad was fresh and varied, the Welsh rarebit very tangy and rich, the beef in miso with root vegetables again delicious. All easy to reheat and plate.  – Carl

We’ll definitely order again if you continue this level of service. I’m forwarding your link to our daughter who was impressed with our feedback. We really enjoyed our dinner on Sunday – it was a real treat. My smoked haddock was so refreshing and the beef cheeks melted in your mouth – really tender. (I did taste my husband’s terrine too – lovely) Thanks too for your packaging. We were able to wipe it all for extra peace of mind as I am shielding. – Leslie

Everything was really well packaged and labelled! I like that all the dressings came separately. All of our dishes tasted amazing and fresh. – Ellie

I have ordered again, this time for Sunday. I particularly enjoyed the pork terrine and have reordered this! Also look forward to my first asparagus. – David

We’re so pleased to be able to eat your food again and look forward to our next meal – this will become our payday treat. We’re telling as many people as possible how fantastic you are. Thank you for a lovely dinner in! – Alexine

Delicious as always. – Peter

It was truly fantastic food, easy to reheat and all delivers on time. Great to Jérôme – well done. – Keith

Delivery was right on time and the food was delicious. – Andrew

Excellently packed and cheerfully delivered. The rosé wine was beautifully chilled. – Gordon

We ordered a full meal from your new delivery menu this evening and we wanted to contact you to congratulate you, the food was absolutely excellent. Also the heating instructions for the food were accurate and simple. We will be ordering from you again!!!  – Michael

Just to say our home delivery meal last night was stupendous  –  the highlight of the week. We are already looking forward to next week’s menu. Thank you!  – Alan

Excellent flavours and quality ingredients. – Gavin

Thanks for a fabulous dinner. It was so very special and easy to put together. Your portion sizes were excellent, just right. So tasty, especially your home made focaccia bread, felt like a proper night out. Lockdown just got so much better, thank you for opening your kitchen. – Shona

Fantastic meal – delivery was amazingly on time! Brilliant lockdown treat. – David

Delicious food delivered with a smile – my best meal in six weeks of lockdown! I shall look forward to another Le Roi Fou meal as a special treat.– Hilary

All was absolutely delicious! Look forward to booking in for next week’s menu! – Lesley

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Pick up available at 6pm