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My Bear Paw

50 Lochrin Buildings, Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 9ND GB


Advice on creative projects - just call. Continued delivery of items

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Orders can be made via the website or by phone.

Jane will be going in to the shop on a Wednesday and a Thursday every week (for now anyway) to take your phone calls and will post or deliver any orders to customers. Jane lives close by and can walk to the shop from her home safely and the Post Office is a minutes walk from the shop. We feel we can keep this skeleton service going in a safe manner without any risk of virus transmission. And we will of course continue taking extra care with the shop hygiene throughout the crises.

We will continue to add our shop stock to the website and are working on a better categorisation system so please bear with this as we work on this further.

Despite all the understandable restrictions (which we fully agree with) we feel that if we can keep providing supplies in a safe manner to all of you desperate crafters stuck at home then it’s our duty to continue.

If you’d like advice about starting a new project (or finishing an old one!) then feel free to email hello@mybearpaw.co.uk or call us on 0131 228 6377 (phone calls Wednesday and Thursday only).

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0131 228 6377