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Beers delivered for flat rate £4.99 postage. Stock up!

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We aren't asking any staff to leave home, so the entire thing will be handled by the two directors doing solo shifts, so please bear with us. Stock has effectively been quarantined for over a week and we'll be wearing fresh PPE while we pack.

All of this is rushed and new to us, from the cans on the shop through to organising the courier, so please, please bear with us when we inevitably mess something up.

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Postage is a flat rate of £4.99 no matter how many cases you order... We also aren't offering any discounts, free postage etc. for two reasons:1. We don't want to undercut the local shops who've supported us from day one.2. Frankly we need every penny atm. We aren't delivering ourselves. All deliveries will be handled through APC, using their coronavirus protocols and zero-contact collection from outside the brewery.