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Rencounter Krav Maga



Online krav maga classes, from £10!

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We're a krav maga self defence school based in Edinburgh, who run classes for all ages.

Since the lockdown started, we have been running all our classes online, doing our best to help our community keep active and maintain a felling of normalcy.

We've had amazing feedback on the online classes and the importance of our club community right now. Our members are finding it a great source of support, and a big help to keep active and sane at the moment. Sessions focus on striking and movement skills and give you an introduction to self defence, standing and on the ground. Each class has a mobility and strength element, a technical part, and a high intensity part, to make it a great all round work out, that also engages your brain and teaches useful skills.The classes are taught by RKM's highly qualified head coach Linn Haraldsvik, currently the only female expert level krav maga instructor in the UK. We live stream 3 classes a week in our facebook group and through video conference, and all sessions are uploaded to our private youtube channel, so that you can access them whenever suits you.Check out https://rencounter.co.uk/ for more information about krav maga and our online classes, or get in touch with us at info@rencounter.co.uk

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The classes are made for training at home, with or without a training partner. You don't need any special equipment, beyond what can be improvised with what you already have at home - taking a cushion off the couch to work on your striking can be a great way to get an outlet for stress after a day working from home/home schooling/being inside for too long.