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Local. Sustainable. Carbon-neutral delivery

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EH1 - EH22

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Order locally sourced and sustainably packaged food & drink.

Schop is an easy, convenient and guilt-free way to enjoy great food – in fact, you can buy from retailers who also supply some of Edinburgh's Michelin starred restaurants!

By using Schop you will have access to great quality, affordably priced, locally-sourced food and drink. Moreover, Schop’s delivery service is carbon-neutral and none of the packaging used needs to end up in bins, landfill, rivers or the sea.

Now catering for some of Edinburgh’s 4-legged family members to make sure that their tails keep wagging for their 2-legged friends!

Collection / delivery info

To check whether they deliver to your area simply enter your postcode when prompted and schop.co will confirm if they deliver to your location.