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Secret Herb Garden

32A Pentland Road Edinburgh


Text for herbs! (No seriously) Contactless collection of herbs from the city's worst kept secret garden

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We would like to thank everyone for their support over the last 10 days in our contactless herb collection scheme where if you send a text to 07747 447704 with a list of herbs that you would like we shall have it packed and ready to be collected from the front gate of the Secret Herb Garden. We have a huge selection of over 600 different herbs to choose form but below is a brief list of new herbs that are all ready now - they all come in 9cm pots and are ready to be planted and loved: - they cost £3.95 each or 3 for £10
We also have 40 litre bags of compost for £10/bag and our very own hand sanitisers; a Lemon and Tea Tree or the Lavender and Thyme at £5 each all packed and ready for collection at our main gate.
Wishing you all love, strength and a connection to the Green World x
Lemon Verbena
Marjoram; Pot, Compact, Golden
Oregano ‘crinkle leaf'
Sages: Golden, Purple or Green
Thymes: Garden, Lemon, Orange, Andersons Gold, Doone valley, Coccineus
Lavender: Hidcote, Munstead, Grosso, Pink, Peter Pan,
French Lavender Papillon
Rosemary: Normal, Blue Winter, Miss Jessops Upright, Boule
Mints: over 50 verities to choose from - some suggestions are; Grapefruit, Basil, Hanging Indian, Apple etc etc
Geraniums: Orange, Lemon and Cola
Fennel; Green or Bronze
Houseleeks; Cobweb, Ruben, Sirus, Ruby Heart or Jovibarba Allionii
Anise Hyssop
Viola ‘Martin’
Dyers Chamomile
Milk Thistle
Just ask and we should have it!

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