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My name is Tamar and I have been teaching art and design for 15 years! I founded The City Workshop Edinburgh as I want to bring the joy of art and craft making to as many people as I can. I never tire of seeing the happiness that creating art brings and I believe that art is for everyone. During lockdown I am offering 14 free "Drawing for Wellbeing" virtual classes which you can find on my website.

So put aside that 'to do' list, take some time away from all your thoughts and join me in a 20 minute drawing. Creative activities are important for staying healthy and connecting with the world, and evidence shows that making art lowers stress and anxiety. This isn't for 'arty people - this is for everyone! Anyone can do these - age 5 to 105! No prior drawing experience is required, you can take part even if you haven't drawn anything for years or are totally new to drawing. No specialist art equipment required. All you need is something to draw with (pencil/pen), and something to draw on (any paper). If you have art materials, you can use these in any of the classes. Get lost in drawing. These classes are designed to help you find flow (get into the 'zone) and be fully present in your drawing, losing all sense of time and worries.

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