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The Noisefloor

Great Junction Street


Remote studio services including tuition, editing & production plus advice on anything audio related

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The Noisefloor is a new take on music studio time offering a DIY or assisted facility for production, mastering, DJing, recording, podcasting and more. During lockdown we're offering reduced price remote services including: Ableton Live tuition Book one-to-one online sessions for any ability levels, tailored to whatever you want to learn. All you need is a Zoom account and Ableton Live. £20ph (usually £30ph) Editing, production and mixdowns Your home setup may not be ideal, but we can help you edit your recordings or productions to get them sounding as professional as possible. Get in touch for noise reduction, podcast edits and song mixdowns - we can even produce bespoke music or jingles for your project. (Priced per project). Advice & consultation Talk to us about getting the most out of your home or live setup. Receive expert feedback on your mixes. Get help choosing gear and software. If you're working from home or thinking about where to take your practice post-lockdown then schedule a friendly and helpful call! (£9/half-hour)

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