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The Wax Jungle



Free shipping on refillable eco soy wax candles inspired by the natural world

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The Wax Jungle is a brand new kind of candle company, focussed on DRAMATIC, UNIQUE, SCULPTURAL design. We create candles that deserve CENTRE STAGE, providing not just an atmospheric, ECO FRIENDLY source of light but also a BEAUTIFUL, DISTINCTIVE art piece. Inspired by the majesty of the NATURAL WORLD, our ever expanding collection of STUNNING, EYECATCHING candles make perfect additions to any home or event.

With everything we do we try to consider the consequences, which is why we aim to leave a minuscule carbon footprint. Firstly, we encourage you to use REFILLS for your original purchase or use your own vessel to burn your candle. The wax we use is 100% ECO SOY WAX, offering a LONGER BURN TIME than most alternatives, and our packaging is oxo-BIODEGRADABLE.

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We also strive to do all our local deliveries by BICYCLE