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Viral Kindness Scotland



We are bringing communities across Scotland together to spread kindness and help anyone who is vulnerable and struggling with self-isolation.

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The coronavirus outbreak has produced a community spirit across Scotland to help those most in need. Thank you to everyone working on the frontline and all those who are volunteering.

By pulling together and by mobilising our communities, we can all look out for our families, our friends and our neighbours. Initiatives are springing up organically in communities across the country, which is heart-warming at this worrying time.

This unique community-led project is designed to help co-ordinate the community response, involving a number of organisations which have come together to provide their services for free, bringing together volunteers, small convenience stores, and a national call centre.

We hope it will go some way to assisting with the national response to this crisis, ensuring that we spread kindness to those most in need.

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