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A quick catch up with Fit and Happy

June 10, 2020

Personal trainer Julia McCabe is the owner of Fit and Happy, a fun and supportive health and fitness coaching programme for women. We were delighted to hear how both Julia and her clients are thriving during lockdown. 

Once upon a time, before lockdown...

“I was inspired to start Fit and Happy by my own journey back into fitness after having three kids. It was hard work and there wasn't much support out there. 

I wanted to create a space that wasn’t all about your looks and your abs - a space that was free from dieting, where women would feel supported and empowered to be whoever they wanted to be.”

Finding strength during lockdown

“We had to pivot and adapt when lockdown began. We took all our personal training, nutrition coaching and group classes online. We’ve also started an online group coaching programme. We had to create it in no time at all but without lockdown it might never have happened. 

It's amazing how really kind and helpful everyone has been. We introduced a sponsorship programme where people can buy sessions for other members who have been hit financially and it’s been a huge success. I feel so proud of my little community of strong women.”

Looking to the post-lockdown future

“The first thing I'll do once lockdown is over is take my children swimming. They miss their training so much. 

In the meantime I’ll keep supporting local. Other Edinburgh businesses I would recommend include 27 Elliott’s, The Refillery, Twelve Triangles, and Edinburgh Fermentarium.”

Fit and Happy’s classes for women are live online 6 days per week, through the morning, afternoon and evening. Personal training via Zoom can also be arranged to suit your schedule. Let's keep moving!

Visit their site or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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