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Cargo Bikes Rock @ Leith Police Box 25th July 2020

July 22, 2020

Farr Out Deliveries are Edinburgh's city wide, zero emission cargo bike delivery service. Launched in April in response to lockdown, they're hosting a "house warming" event at Leith Police Box on 25th July.

Here's what they told us:

We’re Farr Out Deliveries. We love Cargo bikes. We Love Edinburgh. 

We deliver everything by cargo bike. Surfing Edinburgh’s cobbles and scaling its hills, transporting goods around responsibly, sustainably, and carbon free. We’re trying to change the way things move around the urban environment. Transportation by bicycle is cheaper, quicker, more convenient and environmentally conscious. It’s rad to be able to service the local community, making connections across the city on two wheels. 

It’s all about the collaboration. We know this, we’re a young team and would love for you to be involved in our upcoming events. There’s years of knowledge and experience around us and we want to learn and share ideas within the community. 

We think cargo bikes rock and we wanna share this thought. 

On the Saturday 25th July we’ve hired out the Leith police box.

The idea is to use the pop up space to raise awareness of cargo bikes in Leith and further Edinburgh. Being available for people to come chat and look at cargo bikes, making them aware of all the positives of cargo bikes deliveries for all uses. Sharing our brand ethos and engaging Leith business and its community. 

Some of us here at Farr Out are Leithers and we know how great it is to see different things popping up at the police box, it’s in a great position with incredible footfall, also it's on a very busy cycle route. 

CARGO BIKES EVERYWHERE. (Well, around the box.) 

1 - Presence

When we’re out on the bikes on our delivery runs we have heaps of people coming over and having a good old chat and asking questions about the bikes. We love talking about bikes and hope the day will be a great chance for anyone to be able to approach us and talk cargo. As we deliver in Leith every day we will have some cargo bikes zipping up and down while we’re there. Also, we’re going to have some big signs.

2 - Programming

11:00 Elevenses, some tea and cake.

12:00 David Talk on Sustainable Transport

13:00 Guest chats

13:30 Lunch time! P.I.Z.Z.A (TBC)

14:00 Cargo bike polo, the idea and possibilities of the future sport?

15:00 TBC All Day - Talking about cargo bikes. 

3 - People!

People are awesome. We love ‘em. 

We’re hoping lots of people stop by, new people, old people, bike people, walking people, hand standing people, any people! 

While we chat to people at the box, some of our riders will be going around Leith and Edinburgh talking to local businesses to drum up some business. 

We’re keen to meet new friends, so come meet our crew and let us know if you're coming by! 

We’re gonna get some hand painted signs made. We’re gonna ring our bells. 

We plan on getting as many cargo bikes down to the box as we can, so passers by, businesses, bikes enthusiasts and anyone can come along and have a chat about anything to do with cargo bikes. 

Kicking off after 11 where we shake off the nerves and the caffeine kicks in 

We think the idea of doing talks or planned engagements across the day would be wicked. Ranging from cycle safety to rise of cargo bikes and its environmental benefits. Possibly some competitions, giveaways (we've got some stickers coming!) and maybe a dance off. 

Jump in the cargo bay, come along with us on this ride. 

We wouldn’t have been able to be here without our community and the continued support of a lot of people here in Edinburgh. 

Bring your bikes, bring your cargo bikes, got a banner or a pop up sign, bring it! Got a message you wanna share, let’s lock you in for a talk on the rise of cargo bikes, at say 14:00? Wanna do an Instagram takeover? Got a zero emissions topic you’d like to discuss? It’s not just about cargo bikes, it’s about cycling and walking safety, it's about community, supporting local, shopping local, helping others and making new friends. 

We’d love to be able to do more talks or planned engagements, what cha think ? 

Email us at Farroutdeliveries@gmail.com 

Let’s ride!

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