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Where to get face masks in Edinburgh while shopping local

July 22, 2020

Make face masks part of your style

You’re no doubt aware that face coverings are now mandatory in shops and on public transport in Scotland, with a few exceptions for children under 5 and those with certain medical conditions or disabilities. You can find the full rules and exemptions on the Scottish Government website here.

It’s worth noting that what is required is some kind of face covering that covers your nose and mouth, not necessarily a surgical or medical grade face mask. Even a scarf will do. And while fabric face coverings won’t give you full protection from catching COVID-19, there’s growing evidence that they can mitigate the spread, hence the new rules.

Reusable fabric face masks have many benefits: you can wash and re-wear them, which is much greener than disposable ones, they don’t deplete the medical supply, and there are thousands of different designs and styles available to let you complement your style and show your personality (even when your smile is hidden).

NOTE: Face coverings and face masks are an additional method of protecting our communities, not a replacement - you should still continue to follow social distancing measures and wash your hands! Get guidance on how to wear a mask safely on the WHO website.

Nicola Sturgeon in Slanj face mask
Nicola Sturgeon's face mask from Slanj generated a lot of local business

Community in action

First we want to give a shout out to the amazing Edinburgh Mask Makers, a voluntary group of about 800 volunteers who make and distribute non-surgical masks for charities, organisations and businesses who need PPE but who don’t have access to it. If you or someone you know is vulnerable and needs a mask, check them out.

When Nicola Sturgeon was seen in a tartan mask by Slanj Kilts they were quickly overwhelmed with demand. Fortunately Edinburgh’s local business community has once again stepped up to the plate producing face masks and face coverings all over the city! So we’ve put together a roundup of some of the places you can get a face mask in Edinburgh while supporting a local business, and in many cases local charities too.

Everyday fabric masks

Unless you're in an enviroment with a high risk of exposure to COVID, you don't need a medical or surgical mask. A fabric one will do just fine, and there are plenty of places to get one in Edinburgh:

  • Hongkongers have a great range of 2 and 3 layer washable cotton masks on their Etsy shop. Get free delivery on their 2 layer masks with the code ‘Edlockdown’.
  • Tailored Touch have pivoted from their usual massage business to producing masks (luckily the name still works!). They have a range of patterns and sizes including kids' sizes.
  • Rissie have always made exciting things for exciting people so it was natural for them to turn their hand to mask-making. They offer washable cotton face masks in women's, men's and adjustable child sizes.
  • Picture to Puppet still provide their custom puppet making service, but are also making face masks in a range of stylish designs. They also offer custom-printed face masks, printed with your own text for a unique mask with a message!
  • Screen and Shield make 3-layered washable face masks from guideline-compliant materials that provide everyday comfort and protection. 10% of sales go to NHS charities and 10% go to participating communities.
screen and shield face mask edinburgh
Screen and Shield are producing face masks for children and adults

Covid chic

Face coverings are likely to be around for a while, so we may as well start incorporating them into our style. There are plenty of fashionable face mask options on offer:

  • The Edinburgh Bow Tie Co. are producing a range of stylish masks, including tartan varieties. They're donating 30% of selected face mask sales to a local Edinburgh charity.
  • Lulo and Co. are creating beautiful masks made-to-order and for every one sold they donate one to the local community via The Edinburgh Mask Makers network.
  • Totty Rocks is a fashion forward womens' wear boutique providing a matching mask with every outfit. Or you can just buy one of their stylish face masks with £3 for every mask sold donated to Shelter Scotland.
  • Rebel Roots are an African hair, beauty and clothing online shop, creating stand-out masks from colourful African print fabrics, handmade to order.
  • Acanthus Interiors are selling beautiful face masks in a choice of fabrics and sizes, with all profits going to Rowan Alba and The Trussell Trust.
  • Catherine Aitken is making beautiful face coverings from 100% cotton, with 20% of the price going to the Edinburgh NE Foodbank/Trussell Trust and homeless charities in Edinburgh.

totty rocks fashionable face mask edinburgh
Totty Rocks combine style and safety with coordinating face coverings

Face mask DIY

Feeling crafty and got a little time on your hands? You could always make your own mask! Edinburgh Mask Makers have a number of downloadable patterns for homemade face masks on their Facebook page

There are plenty of places in Edinburgh to get fabric and sewing supplies too:

  • Edinburgh Fabrics have plenty of elastic and cotton fabric that's also suitable for making scrubs to donate to the NHS.
  • Fabric Focus sells every kind of fabric you could wish for. Their doors are open again, or you can buy online for delivery or click and collect.
  • My Bear Paw have mask-making kits including fabric, elastic and patterns all included, available online or from their Tollcross store.
  • Fabric Revolution has been producing masks like there’s no tomorrow from their Dalry Road shop! They also have all the supplies you need to make your own, and offer machine servicing and repairs as well.

my bearpaw diy face mask kit edinburgh
My Bearpaw are selling face mask kits for DIY masks

We all want this pandemic palaver to be over as soon as possible, so if you're able let's #maskup and do what we can to protect our communities.

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