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Faces behind the business: Good Brothers

June 3, 2020

Graeme Sutherland from Good Brothers shares his story of adaptation during lockdown.

"After graduating from St Andrew’s University in 2000, I started working in speciality wine shop, Luvian’s. The shop had (and still has) a great reputation, really kick-starting my interest in the drinks industry. Over the next decade or so I continued working in the hospitality industry, including stints in places like Hong Kong, before eventually returning to London to work behind the bar in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Following several years in the hospitality industry I decided to leave and venture into the world of wine, working with a series of wine importers and merchants.

Four years ago, my brother Rory and I had the opportunity to take over a small bar in Stockbridge. At Good Brothers, we set out to serve fresh, local food alongside some of the best natural and organic wines the word has to offer. 6th May is actually Good Brothers’ fourth birthday and it’s a bit of a shame we can't celebrate in the bar itself.

The initial lockdown announcement left me scrambling for a couple of days. I’d just been about to complete an MBA programme and was told that the exams (scheduled for that week) were still going ahead. Choosing not to sit them, I was left without the official qualification. The course did get me thinking extensively about different business models, so at this point I decided to put what I’d been reading about into action and combat the lockdown with Good Brothers To Go!

Good Brothers To Go aims to replicate the Good Brothers’ experience at home. We deliver fantastic fresh produce from the likes of IJ Mellis, Mr Eion Coffee and Company Bakery. The reaction from customers has been amazing and has flipped the lockdown from what could have been a difficult situation to a real positive.

Looking forward, I can tell you that Good Brothers To Go will absolutely continue and we’d love to expand the service, allowing us to deliver to even more people. Of course, we can't wait for customers to return to Good Brothers for a glass of wine and something to eat, but until then we’ll keep delivering!"

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