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Getting closer to Six Degrees

June 17, 2020

"I'm getting time to design and develop my own jewellery range using raw materials from the organisations I work with."

Six Degrees sells fairly traded jewellery, accessories and homewares, mainly created using upcycled and sustainable materials. Owner Audrey Jack told us where it all began, and how she’s been making the most of these unusual times.

Where did you get the inspiration for Six Degrees?

After living in Asia and visiting lesser developed countries in the region, I realised there was a need to provide an international retail platform for social enterprises and artisans in developing countries to sell their Fairtrade and upcycled or sustainable products.  It is also a great way to spread the message of Fairtrade, upcycling, and sustainability. We work with artisans and social enterprises in Vietnam, Bali, Laos, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Ecuador, as well as Cambodia. The name ‘Six Degrees’ comes from the theory that everyone in the world is connected through only six degrees of separation.

How have you adapted Six Degrees to get through lockdown?

I’m really looking forward to participating in my first international virtual market through the organisation 'Green is the New Black' from 12th to 14th June.

I am also getting time to design and develop my own jewellery range using raw materials from the organisations I work with, which I hope to launch early 2021.

What positives are you taking from the lockdown experience?

It's not always easy to switch off your brain and remove yourself from your desk when you work for yourself, but I'm slowly learning the art of taking time out and forcing myself to enjoy a quiet moment or two in the garden each day with a cup of tea.

Which other local businesses would you like to give a shout out to?

I’d like to celebrate An Independent Zebra, Stac Polly, Eteaket, and Curiouser and Curiouser.

What's the first thing you'll do once lockdown is over?

Visit the Botanic Gardens and have a picnic with my nearest and dearest.

Sounds ideal! Until then, Six Degrees are offering 15% off orders until 30 June 2020. Just use code: ADVANCE15

By offering an international retail platform for the diverse range of communities, charities, social enterprises, and artisans they work with, Six Degrees actively promotes a high level of social consciousness with all its suppliers. Six Degrees recognises that in order for small Fairtrade projects to be sustainable, they need a long-term route to market for their goods.

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