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Say Hello to The Plant Patisserie

June 18, 2020

The Plant Patisserie, run by Amy Lee Grosvenor, achieves the Holy Trinity of cake: it’s environmentally friendly, cruelty free and good for your health. Plus it's delicious of course. Who even knew such things were possible!

Everyone needs a treat

Amy started her cake business because it allowed her to be creative and to provide everyone in Edinburgh with the cake of their dreams.

During lockdown, she adapted the business by doing more deliveries. Forget the AA; she sounds like the fourth emergency service to us!

Amy's mission was "to ensure that people didn't need to leave their homes to enjoy a slice of cake for their birthdays, anniversaries or just to cheer them up during the pandemic.”

Getting ready for the future

As well as spreading positivity, Amy has experienced some in lockdown too.

“I've had more time to experiment with new recipes and ideas and work on the behind the scenes areas of the business.”

Still, there are some drawbacks. “All my favourite vegan restaurants have had to close during lockdown - so visiting them again will be the first thing I’ll do when it’s over.”

Loving local

In the meantime, Amy is shopping local to keep her fellow small businesses alive. She loves Little Blue Door for gorgeous vintage clothing and Grow Urban has helped turn her home into a mini jungle. She’s grateful to Rosevear Tea too, for that perfect cup of morning brew.

You can find out more about The Plant Patisserie on their website, Facebook and Instagram and get in touch to order Amy’s bespoke vegan, organic and Fair Trade treats for contact-free delivery.

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Amy B

Content marketer by day, drummer by night. Full time foodie, travel enthusiast and master of withering wit. Former Londoner turned long-time supporter of Edinburgh businesses.

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