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Meet Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery

June 17, 2020

Amalia Wragg and Ilana Ewing are the team behind Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery, sustainably and ethically made jewellery. We caught up with Amalia as she spilled the beans on their business and how they've adapted to lockdown life.

Brazilian colour in Scotland

Ilana started Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery in 2005. “She was feeling homesick (we are both from Brazil) and she decided to bring a bit of our colourful culture to the UK - Edinburgh to be more specific - in the form of jewellery. We use tagua nut (also known as vegetable ivory) and acai seeds amongst other natural and sustainable materials sourced from the Amazon rainforest.”

Adapting and learning

Before lockdown, Amalia and Illana were mainly wholesalers. "We had to shift our sales to retail as well! We are starting to see an improvement on our website traffic and a lot more followers on our social media."

Like so many other businesses, they’ve focused on the positives and turned lockdown into a learning experience. "You need to think outside of the box, collaborating with others and feeling inspired everyday. Being so close to nature has been helping and we've been spending a lot more time with the family."

A conscious community

Amalia and Illana operate under the motto "if we pay a little more, we can live a little better." They send their love to other businesses who share their ethos. "Ethical Boutique is an eco-conscious shop owned by Ilana and always has great gift ideas. We also love Path North Film, Rua and Willow Boutique.”

And their ambitions for when this is over? Get back to family and back to nature. "I’ll probably visit my brother in law who has just moved to the Highlands!"

Sounds magical! Shop Pretty Pink Eco Jewellery on their site for free UK delivery on ethical jewellery - a standout piece for yourself or a unique gift for a loved one.

You can also support their new initiative "The Helping Hand Project", which helps single mother artisans in Colombia to support their families during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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