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Meet Edinburgh City Personal Trainer

June 20, 2020

We recently caught up with Lynne Pearson, also known as her alter ego, Edinburgh City Personal Trainer. Lynne told us a bit more about what got her business started and how things are going during lockdown.

Hi Lynne. So what inspired you to start your Edinburgh City Personal Trainer?

A mid-life change of career! I was looking to support others to move with more confidence and achieve their fitness goals.

And how has your business adapted to lockdown?

I have successfully moved my business online having never done so previously. I was operating from a gym in Edinburgh delivering training sessions. Now I’m operating my business from my spare bedroom!

What positives are you taking from the lockdown experience?

Lots - it’s a time of reflection; of slowing down on the manic pace of life and focusing more on health and exercise. I’m delighted to see so many people training outdoors either on their own or in family groups.

Which other local businesses would you recommend?

Links Fitness, Fit and Happy Personal Training, Freya Wedding Design, Trx Edinburgh Outdoor Fitness and Access Parkour.

What's the first thing you'll do once lockdown is over?

Go and see a movie - any movie!

Yep, we’ll be ready to swap the sofa for the big screen too! You can find out more about Edinburgh City Personal Trainer on their website, Facebook and Instagram and sign up for fun and effective 1-2-1 online workouts either in your own home, garden or park. There’s 25% discount for all NHS staff.

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Content marketer by day, drummer by night. Full time foodie, travel enthusiast and master of withering wit. Former Londoner turned long-time supporter of Edinburgh businesses.

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