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Where can I get good coffee during lockdown?

June 3, 2020

Quick coffee hacks at home

Week 7. With cafes still closed, the need for good quality coffee at home grows stronger... Luckily, you can get the blend from your favourite cafe sent direct to your door from the 8 local coffee roasters in Edinburgh Lockdown Economy’s coffee category. (Have we missed one? Let us know.)

Santu Coffee

The great guys behind Santu only buy Brazillian beans directly from farmers they know personally. (You can meet them all on Santu’s site.) Better still, their coffee comes in compostable packaging, with free delivery on orders over £10.

Of course, having top quality coffee beans is only half the battle, so watch Santu's video on brewing cafetiere coffee to learn how to turn your beans into beautiful coffee in six minutes.

The Source Coffee Co

Whilst their plans to open a coffee bar are on hold, you can buy brewing gadgets and bundles of beans from around the world, and sign up for a subscription.

For something a little different, Andrew at Source gave us this tip: “cold brewed coffee has an amazing flavor as it's up to 67% less acidic. You’ll be amazed at the chocolatey, roasty, smoothness.” You can find the full recipe at the end of the blog - we hear it works well as a mixer in cocktails too. (Big Lebowski movie night, anyone?)

Mr Eion Coffee 

Eion and the team roast to order in small batches, so check back if your preferred bean is sold out on first look. Their 250g bags are designed to fit through your letterbox, which is one step closer to the kitchen. 

Coffee bean subscriptions

Keep the caffeine coming! Or if you’re really missing pre-COVID days, why not send a friend the gift of coffee and arrange a Zoom brunch together?


Obadiah’s single origin coffee beans are selected according to the harvesting seasons and roasted in small batches. Fortnightly and monthly subscriptions are available, and you’ll receive 10% off when you spend £15.

Artisan Roast

Free shipping is available on a large selection of craft roasted coffees, with 20% off for NHS workers. Ongoing and gift subscriptions will keep those freshly roasted beans coming for you - or a friend. 

Steampunk Coffee

North Berwick-based Steampunk are roasting special lockdown blends and delivering to Edinburgh once a week. They also offer plastic-free subscriptions that fit through your letterbox.

The best way to make coffee at home

So you've bought the good quality beans but you want to get even more serious? Get the best brewing gear. More flavour guaranteed, beautiful latte art tbc.

Williams & Johnson

Order yourself some seasonal, single origin beans roasted in Leith and ground to reflect your preferred brewing style. V60 drippers can also be bought online, with deliveries sent out twice a week.

Machina Coffee Roasters

If you’re really looking to up your game, Machina sells an extensive array of hardcore brewing kit. They’re offering 10% off everything you need to make perfect coffee at home, as well as gift vouchers, subscriptions, and a 20% discount for NHS workers.

Are there other places in Edinburgh delivering your favourite coffee? If we're missing a listing, let us know.


Cold brew recipe

This cold brewing technique with a French press produces a lovely alternative to hot coffee. The fun part is you can experiment with different coffee origins and brew ratios to find your perfect cup. If you like what you read, the Source Coffee Co can grind all of their single origins for cold brew! Happy sipping.

Ingredients needed

Course ground coffee: 1 - 1 1/2 cups

Cold water: 3 - 3 1/2 cups

Remember! There's no ‘right’ ratio, it’s up to your taste, so start here and go from there...


How to cold brew


Using a standard 8 cup French press


1. Add approx 110g of course-ground coffee to the bottom of the French press.

2. Gently pour 3 cups of cold or room temp water over the grounds.

3. Gently stir to get all the grounds wet.

4. Let the coffee sit overnight in the fridge for at least 10 hours. Be careful not to steep it longer as it will ruin the flavour!

5. Plunge the coffee and strain into a covered jar or other container for storing your cold brew in your fridge.


You now have a cold brew concentrate which you can drink as is, dilute with a splash of water or serve with milk of your choice. Add ice cubes if you fancy! Too weak? Add less water to strengthen your brew and more if it’s too strong.

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