Build your own local lockdown economy

How we started

Inspired by the Bristol Lockdown Economy we started the Edinburgh Lockdown Economy on the 6th April 2020. A genuine need for a site representing local businesses during the lockdown has been proven by the huge growth we've seen. Over 40,000 people have visited the site and more than 400 businesses registered to date.

Going open source

Recently, people from across the UK and as far afield as Singapore have been in touch to ask how they can do the same. In response we quickly made the project open source for others to use. We're delighted to see so many popping up already, working hard to support their local communities.

Get in touch to start yours

We're here if you want to start a lockdown economy where you live. We'll provide guidance on setup, growth and give you access to the site's template to start fast.

We run the site using Webflow, Zapier, Google Sheets and Mailchimp. Webflow is $25/month, and the rest are free to start with.

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